Born in Tokyo, Japan

Lives in Berkeley, CA.

BFA in Painting & Drawing from California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA.


Artist Statement

My work is of a post-apocalyptic world of the unknown. It is influenced by landscapes and the engulfing feeling of being in the outdoors, whether it is looking at vast mountain ranges, cliff faces or sinking your head into a large body of water…

The dark matter in my paintings is influenced by radiation and the cancerous effects it has on the human body. The radiation derives from being exposed to imagery and stories of the Hiroshima bombing. As well as being shook in the earthquake where the tsunami and nuclear disaster sunk away Fukushima.

Within my art practice it is my aim to create paintings as fake artifacts: recordings of a place that does not exist. These paintings are constructed of mostly landscapes and figures. I try to portray the familiar with unexpected colors, allowing my work to carry a sense of nowhere but everywhere place in a dream-like state.  

My practice of object making is also emphasized by this world I am trying to portray through my paintings. Reestablishing rituals and creating my own myth through exploring female tradition/magic in the actions of sewing, weaving and dress making.

With my work in both painting and object making I want to emphasize an importance of craft, process of making and creation of the hands, with ritualistic attitudes of replicating organic patterns and make belief.